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    A while back my twitter friend Janis Tester @Janis_Tester did a blog on Galantines/ Balantines, which you can find here. Now, at this point I feel the need to mention HER chicken was WAY nicer (fancy pants $35 shicken!) AND unlike me she did not feel the need to try to chop her chicken livers in a Ninja blender (stop snickering.) ok let’s just say my Balantine filling was a little too runny but DAMN did it taste good. Anyway…my instructions here will say what I SHOULD’VE done AND what I did.

    Ooo look pretty!

    So first things first! I watched this video on how to debone a chicken. Jacques Pepin is a genius and makes this look so much easier than it actually is.

    So then I deboned my chicken! It was way harder than he made it look but I think it came out halfway decent

    All Deboned!

    I stuffed my Balantine with Goat cheese, chicken livers, onions, and spinach.
    No measurements just as much as you feel you need! Do NOT try to dice chicken livers in blender! Blender will liquefy them in less than 2 seconds! Janis uses them whole. It really is personal preference. I like mine cut up so I would probably hand dice them next time.

    Using string I trussed mine up the way Jacques Pepin shows in the video and put it in the oven at 400 degrees until the internal temperature was above 180. Yes the end is kinda cone-ish but the inside was running out and I totally messed up but had to use it! It was really good and for a first try I don’t think it was *too* bad.
    finished Balantine

    Happy cooking!


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